#Tip…People LOVE to Moan….

I have come to the conclusion that people love love love to moan. After starting this blog I have recently noticed that with ALL the tips shared, people only jump on something they can moan at…..I have never been backwards in coming forwards so I say to these people…..If you do not like it, DONT READ IT. If you have decided to take time out of your day to go through a blog with a fine tooth comb JUST to find something to nitpick at….then you need a new hobby. This blog is for people who wish to save money, not for the bored and insecure who are looking for an argument. If you have nothing constructive to say, please just unfollow and get on with your life. Because I answer to nobody and will write what I want when I want…that is your choice to read it but it will not change what I do just because you may not agree. 🙂


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