March Savings

March has been my worst saving so far….With the kids off for easter holidays and money spent on them, my daughter’s 13th birthday, plus things going on at home I have not been as on the ball as I should of been. However my savings for march is a grand total of £460.67 🙂

Most of this has been on grocery shopping. I always look for a deal, I use my coupons religiously! I am a half price shopper and if its half price or BOGOF then I usually buy 2 to get the proper value. Many things going into my stock cupboard.

I made a saving of £68.99 on the SPORTS DIRECT clearance sale.

I made a £19.50 on a MOTHERCARE in store sale for bits for my son.

I managed to get 335.35 worth of goods from BOOTS for free with my ADVANTAGE CARD. An advantage card is a must, if you havent got one, get one!!!

I bought and sold off my local buy and sell site on facebook making a saving of £126.00

I also told you in my last blog about sky. Just an update I rang for my mother and managed to get £10.16 off of her bill also, so well worth ringing xxx


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