Feb Savings

Sorry the Blog is late, Was ill last night. In feb I managed to save £708.73. How?? FRUGAL SHOPPING!!

Everytime I shop, either online or local, I search for the best deals.

This month I saved in…

B&Q – They had a great deal on. Massive pots of matte emulsion 2 for £20 instead of £14 each and Crown paint for £9. I have managed to re-vamp my daughter’s bedroom and my partner has painted a two storey flat all with 4 pots of these bad boys.

Tesco’s – I searched for the deals whilst in the shop and used the coupons from the magazine. Saving myself £46.67 on my shop.

Sports Direct. 80% and 90% sales. Need I say more

Ebay. Many Ebay shops say that if you are not 100% happy with your purchase to email them rather than leave negative feedback. Not that I am one to moan but after a couple wrong orders I emailed the company to say they had sent the wrong item. Not only was I given a FULL refund I was able to keep the sent items also. Very kind.

My Local DIY store. The lovely lady gave me 25p off my wallpaper paste. Not a fortune but it all added up to the total above.

My Stuff. I sold a load of my clothes on my facebook site.

These are just a few of the things I did. Now onto the freebies…

As you can see from the picture I received quite a few this month from protein shakes to condoms. But my best freebie was my PHOTOBOX canvas. Not exactly a freebie but after a different order that arrived not 100% clear I emailed the company, along with pictures of proof. I have been a valid customer of PHOTOBOX for quite a while and the lovely lady, after checking my pictures, credited my account with the amount I had paid for the original which meant I got to choose this baby for FREE!! Plus! if you ordered 2 canvases in the same order you got 30% off so I ordered a gorgeous canvas of my new baby boy for a fraction of the price. PHOTOBOX are not ones to blag. They are not silly and wanted plenty of proof that my original was indeed blurry, but I cannot recommend this company enough for customer service, With their “Chat now” option on the website my query was dealt with so quickly and I was made up with the outcome xxx


6 thoughts on “Feb Savings

  1. Your money-saving ideas include complaining about items you get so you can keep them for free, and/or get something else for free. Do you realize that the majority of the sellers on ebay, etsy, etc., are just regular people selling things so they can pay their rent, buy groceries & clothing for their families, and provide other essentials? When you complain in order to get things for free, you are taking money out of their pocket. Nice that some sellers can afford to do this, but the majority them are good, hard-working people who need the money from the items they sell.


  2. You do realize that many sellers on eBay are like you, individuals with families they’re trying to support? That by scamming them for a refund you’re taking away THEIR kids’ Christmas? I strongly urge you to take out that despicable, unethical paragraph and to stop hurting other families with your immoral behavior.


    1. Like I am going to give that out, I am sure with that attitude you have nothing for sale I would be interested in dont worry!!


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