Tips I Have Found This Week

After going for a wander into town I decided to buy a magazine (which I never do!). GLAMOUR magazine had a FREE “balance me” radiance face mask, plus a free sample of Garnier Moisture Radiance Gel and free sample scents of L’eau D’issey womens and mens cologne. All for £2! Bargain!!

I also read on a great site this week that if you are a mother of TWINS or TRIPLETS you can email Pampers Nappies explaining you are a “Multiple Mummy (or Daddy)” along with the babies birth certificates and you will be sent “FREE” vouchers for nappies. Must come in handy.

I also read this week that if you switch off your plugs at the wall each night you can save up to £80 a year electricity! Am going to do this, yes it will be a pain in the bum waiting for the sky box and router to warm up but hey, its worth it!



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