Wine Bottle Bank

Lets face it most of us like a drink or two….doesnt have to be wine could be a vodka bottle, whisky bottle, whatever your tipple. I decided in January to do the “Fiver Challenge”. Pretty simple really. Any £5 notes you get, you are not aloowed to spend. Roll them suckers up and stick them in your (empty) bottle. There is no way of getting them out once they are in you see. Keep this up, no matter how many bottles you fill, until December. Hey presto! Instant christmas present money!!. I also try and save as much loose change as I can. I have a Huuuge red plastic WKD bottle that I throw everything in. Even if every penny is a prisoner, every couple of days go through your purse or pocket and split the contents in half. Half to save, half back in your purse or pocket. Don’t be tempted to keep all the pound coins back “just in case”. Split the lot. You will be suprised how quickly it mounts up xxx


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