It Started With a…..

It started the same as everyone else really. I watched a programme and thought, I could do that!! I have an addictive personality and never do things by halves so thought lets see where it takes me. I used to think couponers and supersavers were a bight “tight”. It was never something I was interested in as I love to splash out on my kids at christmas and their birthdays. But once I started I was hooked. My boyfriend used to look at me with the “yes Dear” look whenever I came home and told him of a new saving made or coupon added, But once I totalled up the savings for January it came to a whopping £928.92!!!! How did I do this…….

  • January Sales – I never usually bother but I went a little crackers. Online, in shops, I was looking for the best deals. I got some amazing bargains at BOOTS which have already come in handy for Birthdays, Anniversaries etc.
  • Buying Second Hand – I run a sell site on Facebook for my local area and since we had just moved I bought some lovely bits for the house. Mirrors, Sofa’s, Living Room furniture. All for a fraction of the price.
  • Swapping my Electricity Bill – I used to pay over the phone each time a bill came in but with Manx Utilities (and probably many other electricity companies) I switched to Direct Debit. I also switched to e-billing which saves 50p a month. may not sound a lot but by doing it this way I am saving £18 a year.
  • Sky – After getting quite “shirty” with sky as I have moved 3 times in the past year and being charged £25 installation fee each time I was upset to hear of others that had been moved for free. I decided to cancel my subscription. After a chat with a lovely gentleman I managed to get a free installation, without having to sign up to a 12 month contract. Plus jiggling my package I managed to get £5.75 a month knocked off. Then I was informed that if you pay Direct Debit but through your card number NOT your bank account number you are charged 50p a month. So that immediately got changed! Total savings…£75 a year!!!
  • Freebies – I send off for lots and lots of freebies (hence the photo, these were January’s freebies). I will be posting links up so you too can get all the goodies for free xxx

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